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NEBA Services:

NEBA is an FDA-Approved specialized EEG called the Neuropsychiatric EEG-Based ADHD Assessment Aid, is a diagnostic test that helps confirm a child has ADHD. It uses brain wave ratios to assess the likelihood a child ages 6-17 years of age has ADHD. The assessment of ADHD in children begins with a physician’s clinical evaluation. The NEBA may be helpful to aid in the diagnosis of ADHD in situations in which ADHD may not be an obvious diagnosis such as the following situations:

  • ADHD diagnosis with an inadequate response to ADHD medications.
  • ADHD diagnosis in a child with other symptoms such as anxiety, obsessions/compulsions, anger, social-interaction challenges, mood issues as examples.
A NEBA that confirms a child has ADHD may convince apprehensive parents to try ADHD medications for their child. If a child is diagnosed with ADHD who also has frequent staring spells, we recommend an initial routine EEG to rule out the presence of Absence seizures as the NEBA is not valid in individuals who have an abnormal routine EEG.

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